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International Cider Pairing Dinner

Our latest installment in our Pairing Dinner Series is finally here! on August 23rd we will be presenting a dinner focusing on some of the most prestigious ciders in the world. We will be featuring ciders from Spain, France, England and even the Finger Lakes. Each country will also be represented by food indigenous to the region.

Tickets for this event will be $50 per person for a 4 course pairing dinner. Dinner starts at 6:30.

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First Course: Spain
Food- Tapas: This small tasting plate will consist of three bite size courses which set the tone for our dinner. The offerings will be pan con tomate y jamón serrano, tortilla de patatas and gambas al ajillo. 

Cider- Gourmet Sidra Natural from SB Craft Cide These small dishes will be packed with flavor and will pair expertly with a gourmet version of Sidra Natural from SB Craft Cider from Spain. This dry cider is carbonated and unfiltered and aged 6 months in large wooden casks which will lead to a fresh tangy flavor.

Second Course:Finger Lakes 
Food- Chicken Spiedies: This native son of Binghamton New York is a staple in Upstate NY cuisine. A tangy marinade of garlic, vinegar and countless spices creates an instant memory of cookouts and summers by the lakes.

Cider- Russet Dabinett from South Hill Cider: Our cider pairing for this course comes from a good friend of ours, South Hill Cider. Russett Dabinett is a still and dry cider which centers around a couple of our favorite apples, the Golden Russett and Dabinett. Golden Russetts lend a great amount of flavor to this cider, while Dabinett focuses on a rich and tannic taste. 

Third Course: England

Food- Beef Wellington: A dish that truly defines class in England is the elegant Beef Wellington. This dish is composed of beef tenderloin coated in an onion and mushroom blend and covered in a puff pastry. This dish will be served medium and plated over a cauliflower mash and au jus.

Cider- Oliver's Gold Rush: An international legend in the cider game Oliver's Cider and Perry Ltd. brings us our third pairing of the night. Gold Rush is a collaboration cider between Tom Oliver of Oliver's, Greg Rush of Virtue cider and Williamson's own Ryan Burk of Angry Orchard. This cider is truly a unique delight as it's a full tasting sparkling cider with a touch of sweetness to balance the acidity. Its pitched over wild native yeast as well as lambic yeast, so be ready for a little bit of delicious funk!

Fourth Course: France
Food- Poires Belle Helene: To close out this extensive tour de cuisine we go to the heart of fine dining, France. Poires Belle Helene is a simple yet complex dish of poached pears served with a luxurious caramel sauce and fresh ice cream. This delicate dessert will leave you feeling truly satisfied after this trip through cider country.

Cider- Poiré de Normandie from L'Hermitière: Our last cider for the night is admittedly not even a cider at all. Poiré de Normandie is actually a Perry which actually utilizes pears for their juice rather than apples. This perry contains no added sugars and uses natural carbonation. The light slightly acidic first impression carries over to a fruit and refreshing finish which will be the perfect pair with our Poires Belle Helene.

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