What is a CSA?

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a great way to connect with your food.  As a member you will receive fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables during the harvest season. 

Rates & Pick Up Locations

Lagoner Farms - Saturday 9am-11am

Fairport Farmer's Market - Saturday 10am-noon

Greece Farmer's Market - Saturday 9am-11am

Restoration Wellness Chiropractic (Webster) - Thursday 4-6pm

Zion Episcopal Church* (Palmyra) - Thursday 4-6pm (*available for summer csa only)

Southwedge Farmer's Market - Thurday 4-6pm

Irondequoit Farmer's Market - Thursday 4-6pm


Summer CSA || Mid June-September

16 week CSA Harvest Season

Half Share $336 / Full Share $512


Fall Holiday CSA || October-Mid December

12 week CSA Harvest Season

$252 / Share

Share Size

Half Share - Typically 6-8 items weekly.  Share size usually increases as we get into the heart of the harvest season.  Perfect for couples or small families that are always on the go and don’t have as much to dedicate to home cooking.  Still a splendid variety of fruits/veggies that can be prepared or snacked on raw.

Full Share - Typically 8-12 items weekly.  Share size usually increases as we get into the heart of the harvest season.  Designed for families of 4 or greater or cooking enthusiasts always looking to try new recipes/meals in their kitchens. Full shares tend to include extra fruit and some unique but delicious vegetables not found at the common dinner table. 


As a Share Member you are allowed to visit our Farm during upick availability. How does it work? Well in our weekly newsletter we will let you know when crops are available for upick. Then you simply let us know if you want to take advantage. The week of availability you will receive your share as usual minus that crop because you will come for upick at our farm and pick double your allotment. (ex. 1 quart of strawberries turns into 2 quarts if you pick it yourself).  And If you want to pick extra to freeze or can we will give you a special rate.

Upick Fruits:  Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Apples

Upick Vegetables: To Be Determined in Season

Member Benefits

As a CSA member you receive a 10% discount off your total purchase of non-sale items, at our retail farm market in Williamson.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions that we have been asked and feel may help you better understand our CSA.  READ MORE...